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" I think if more people read it, we can do something to turn this country around. " - Joseph Bilski, USN (Ret.)

" Well documented. A look at what is wrong in America and what needs to happen in order to correct course before it's too late." - L. Gainey


"The solutions offered at the end of this book are similar to solutions our founders 'found.' If political correctness handcuffs us from revealing history and a path toward solutions, we will indeed 'find' captivity."


Who flipped control from the people to the Federal government? When and how did it happen? Is every U.S. citizen financially on the hook for the country's debt? Is the U.S. falling apart? Who's telling the truth?

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About 70 Years of American Captivity


2017 Book Excellence Award winner in Social/Political Change. 2017 Finalist in The Best Book Awards: Law. 2017 double Finalist IAN BOTY Awards: History and General Non-Fiction. 


For those with little time to read, the book is written in four sections. This enables you to jump from section to section without losing the flavor of the subject. Section One, for Christians, explaining the title and the difference between the religion of the founders then and today. Section Two, for the atheist, agnostic or faithful of another religion. Why there is a non-sectarian agreement built into the framework of our nation and why it matters. Section Three, the history, ideolgy, documentation: cataloged, along with its importance for national survival. Section Four, documented proof of America's captivity, along with solutions for our liberty.

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2002 Book

Beyond Strongholds: Infiltration By The Glory of God

Nominated 2003 Readers Choice Awards Charismatic book. An In-depth study of God's glory and what hinders revival today.

What People Have Said

"Chris Meier is on a mission to help us recapture the presence of God's Glory." - Rev. John A. Kilpatrick, former Senior Pastor Brownsville Assembly of God

"What Meier has written is very foundational, and is required reading for all those who are serious about the Church moving into the latter day Kingdom work and Bridal preparation. Chris Meier is a minister that has a strong prophetic, teaching anointing." - Michele Parish, former Overseer, Prophetic Council, The River Church